11th St. Designs

11th Street Designs is joining y’all all the way from Nashville, Tennessee! For the Dane Handmade Virtual craft show, we will be featuring two products: Our Flannel, Curved Burp Cloth and the Microwaveable Bowl Cozy.

Shipping is free on all orders, no matter how big or small! 

Custom orders are always welcome!

The Microwave Bowl Cozy is something you never knew you needed – until you have used it! Have you ever burned your fingers while removing your bowl of soup or oatmeal from the microwave? Worry no more! The Microwave Bowl Cozy can be microwaved WITH your bowl to prevent the burn when your meal is done heating! Think of it as a proactive potholder!

Microwave Bowl Cozies are handcrafted at my home in Nashville Tennessee. They are the perfect size for an average kitchen bowl. Looking for something larger? I am willing to do custom orders for large bowls or serving dishes.

Some precautions:

*The bowls are constructed with 100% cotton (including the batting and thread). That said, the materials are not fireproof nor resistant. If the microwave temperature reaches a certain level, fibers may burn, scorch or ignite. Mine have never burned, but not all microwaves are the same – Please do not leave unattended!

*Do not use in gas, electric element, or convection ovens.

*Wash on a normal cycle with like colors. Air Dry ONLY – afterall, they are made of 100% cotton! 

Made in a Smoke-Free home!