Art of Christy

Hi! I’m Christy Grace, fine artist, illustrator, and the creator of Nature Walk Jewelry and other fine art jewelry creations! For this Dane Handmade show, I will be concentrating on the jewelry part of my works and featuring pieces like the Nature Walk Cicada Wing Pendant, Nature Walk Queen Ann’s Lace stainless steel studs, and Tiny Terrarium Necklaces. Every piece is unique and has a real piece of nature inside it.

Where do I get all these natural pieces? I find them locally on nature walks! Especially since COVID hit, the walks I take near the arboretum, frequently with my 5-year-old daughter as company, have brought so many beautiful subjects as we “treasure hunt”. I find crane and turkey feathers, pieces of butterfly and moth wings (all ethically found), leaf skeletons, and ferns and wildflowers that get lovingly pressed in my art books. 

These little treasures are placed underneath a glass dome and then I accent each one with metallic paint. This looks especially amazing with the leaf skeletons as the paint presses through each little space making  miniature, natural stained glass art. The dome is then placed in a stainless steel or brass setting to make a one-of-a-kind piece that celebrates the beauty of our local nature and is a unique and gorgeous gift to yourself or someone you love!

During the Dane Handmade show only, I will be sharing a coupon for 20% off any Nature Walk Jewelry using the code: HANDMADE20  If you are local and want to save on shipping by having me do a porch drop-off, just send me a message and I will refund the shipping cost! Thank you so much for considering my creations as a part of your gifting this year!