Coco’s Urban Cottage

I started Coco’s Urban Cottage about 10 years ago. I wanted to be a part of the handmade market tradition that my mom has been a part of for as long as I can remember. I enjoy working with paper, textiles, and paint and continue to build on the skills I began learning in my childhood.

In my shop you will find handmade goods from second-hand items. It’s important to me that I be climate conscious about my work. One part of that is making things in small batches and without the environmental impact of mass production. The other part is to re-use what already exists. In my work, the “raw” materials are primarily mass-produced paper and fabric that has already been created and used for another purpose. I am taking what’s left or no longer used and using it again with a slightly different purpose.

Functionality is an important theme in my products.  For the most part, I seek to create items that can be used in some way in everyday life, though I also enjoy the occasional piece for purely aesthetic reasons. You’ll find Journals and Notepads, useful Cinchy Bags, my own original art magnets, as well as supplies I’ve made for your artful journals and collage work.

While all of my products have a vintage feel from using original vintage sources for raw materials, you might especially love the Christmas items made from vintage tablecloths and other vintage bits.

Enjoy your virtual stroll through Coco’s Urban Cottage.  I wish each of you a safe and healthy holiday season.