DoodleBee Body Products

The first time I ever made my own body products was a cold, snowy January day (ok so I don’t actually remember if it was snowy [give me a break I have 3 kids and a full-time job so some things get pushed to the back of the ol’ memory file] but it was January in Wisconsin so there’s a good chance it was).

I ran out of both my regular lotion and face cream (ugh!) and like any sane person, instead of going to the store to buy more, I decided to try making my own. Totally normal, right? After (literally) whipping up my first batches of face cream and body soufflé, I discovered two things: I actually enjoyed making them and was absolutely infatuated with the results.

Since I’m such a generous person (no, really. I am.) I gave some of the extras to coworkers who loved them as much as I did. Well, a few weeks later, after much mulling, I decided that I would turn this whim into a business. And here I am, with a Facebook business page, website, and everything! 

Every DoodleBee product is hand-crafted by me in small batches. I use only high-quality natural and/or organic ingredients so you can be certain that nothing gross is going on your body. There are also no preservatives ever, but because the products come in air-tight glass jars they have a remarkably long shelf life (close the lids tightly, store in a cool, dry place to maintain quality). There is nothing artificial in any DoodleBee product. All scents are derived from the 100% pure essential oils and I never add any dyes or colors. As an added bonus, the beeswax I use is certified cruelty free too! 

Let’s talk about packaging. We can all do our part to be eco-conscious, right? The glass jars and bottles can be used again for other projects or items (a little hot soapy water and a rag will get rid of any leftover residue) or they can be recycled. The Lotion Bars  have biodegradable packaging.  

So what in the world is a DoodleBee? The name “DoodleBee” comes from an amalgamation of the nicknames of my twin girls: Doodle Bug and Honey Bee. Just to clarify, those are their nicknames. Their real names are Daisy and Charlotte.

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