Farmers Candle Co.

We moved to Virginia in 2015 with dreams of owning our own livestock and raising our son in a place with plenty of room to run. After working with our cousins who raised incredible grass-fed and finished beef and lamb as well as pasture-raised pork I realized how quickly the prime cuts of meat sell and how the tallow and lard often still filled the freezer. I was working in the farm store on the weekends and would pass by pounds and pounds of animal fat to get to the more desired cuts that people and restaurants wanted to purchase. I was determined to find a use for the fat, after all that animal took two years to raise and harvest and had an immense amount of love and care go into raising it.

After attempting soap making – and failing miserably – I went back to the drawing board and after much research I learned that the first candles were made using animal fats. I was determined to create a candle that burned just as clean as soy and palm but didn’t use any GMO glyphosate soaked soy or unregulated palm wax, burned with a hemp wick instead of cotton because it is more sustainable to grow, burned clean and evenly, and smelled amazing using nothing but essential oils and premium grade phthalate-free fragrance oils.

People have been burning lard and tallow candles for thousands of years. When you purchase and burn an animal-fat based candle you are supporting the nose to tail movement; ensuring that all parts of the pig or cow are used, not just the filets and bacon, which are literally mouth watering, but the fat is just as important! I am passionate about supporting local midwest farmers that believe in sustainable farming and raising their animals out on pastures eating grass-the way nature intended.

I have since moved back to Wisconsin, welcomed two more babies into our family, and completely rebranded our candle company as well as networked with farmers to ensure I am still using sustainable grass-fed animal fat. Farmers Candle Co. offers something for everyone. We currently have candles in various sizes including a mini tin sampler, 3.5 ounce glass jar, 7.0 ounce glass jar, and 13.5 ounce 3 wick glass jar, reusable tin wax melts, reed diffusers, and dog treats using locally raised grass-fed beef liver- another not so desired cut that farmers have a difficult time selling. 

We are offering $6 flat rate shipping – no matter how big your order size! As well as a 15% off coupon to be used after your initial purchase.