Welcome to the KshanJewels store! Kerri is a local Madison metalsmith whose work features beautiful hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, fine silver, and gold. Her art is informed by simplicity, form, negative space, and patterns such as waves and spirals. She is inspired daily by lines in nature and in architecture. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and then produced by hand, using a rolling mill and hammers to stretch and form the metal into graphic shapes and textures. 

You will not want to miss the KshanJewels 2020 collection! Her latest one-of-a-kind pieces include earrings, rings, pendants, and cuffs that are dynamic, fluid, and bold. Her newest “Set Sail” and “Dancing Maiden” series are especially striking, featuring triangles, boomerangs, and unexpected asymmetries. Perfect to pair with both a casual and sophisticated look, these pieces are understated, elegant, and cool.

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