Lenewood Designs

I am a self-taught jewelry designer and have been creating beautiful pieces since 2012.

I have an eclectic array of work because I have explored a variety of materials, including metal, stone, wood, ceramics, glass, and lace. My inspiration often comes from nature, geometry, and from the materials themselves. I love mixing different materials, shapes, or metals to create something unique or unexpected.

The jewelry I create is meant to add a lovely touch of charm to your life, and many of the pieces can be dressed up or down, making it quite versatile.

I offer many styles of jewelry including hand-hammered metal, lava stone essential oil diffuser necklaces and earrings, bold statement pieces, earthy leaves, trees, and acorns, delicate lace earrings, and many more. I also have a few different ornaments that are great for decor any time of year, not just holidays.

I have some geometric beaded options in a variety of colors, as well as some acorns that are made with real acorn caps wired onto ceramic, glass, or wooden beads. I love helping customers find that perfect piece for themselves or a special gift for a loved one.