Mary Reinhart

Enter the World of Magic with your child, grandchild or student as you go on a journey of self-discovery found in the pages of the three-time award-winning book: The Magical Love Box. Beautifully written and illustrated, this whimsical, universal story is about giving and receiving. It’s a story about magic! It’s a story about love!

Enjoy these Unique Activities:

Each copy of The Magical Love Box is signed by the author (and personalized upon request) and comes with a template for children to make their own magical box!

Now that your special box is made, what would you put in it? Here are some past comments:

Adult (married for 60 years!): ‘The first kiss in the morning from my wife.’

Child: Age 5 ‘ An angel tear of joy’.                      

Child: Age 6 ‘ A rainbow’.           

Child: Age 9 ‘ A crystal angel heart to remind me of my loved ones who have passed away or who I don’t get to see’.

The Magical Love Box contains 10 questions in the back of the book for your family or classroom to engage in lively conversation.

Teachers and parents, check out the free lesson plans on the website to enhance the learning experience for your children in hybrid/virtual classrooms.

About the Author:

Wisconsin author, Mary Reinhart, known to her grandchildren as Kamama, became inspired to put on paper the compassion, joy and love that her grandchildren have taught her and, together with them, came to know that what matters most in our life is that we give the love that is innately present in all of us and open our hearts to receive this wondrous gift of love from others.

What People Are Saying About The Magical Love Box:

The Magical Love Box is as delightful as “Goodnight Moon”, and more so as there are more thinking levels going on in your book. – Dave Proff, Retired Reading Specialist; District Reading Department Head, Washington State

The Magical Love Box is destined to become a frequently requested bedtime book. – Brian F. Doherty, Ph.D, University of Texas, Dept. of Literature

The Magical Love Box brings to life the special connection between grandparents and grandchildren! – Judy F. Carr, Ed.D., Education Consultant, Center for Curriculum Renewal LLC

The Magical Love Box will certainly enhance your classroom by engaging your students in sound problem-solving skills. It’s a must for every classroom. – Jane Elizabeth Marko, MS, Philadelphia, PA