Mojowear is a clothing line based in Madison WI. I am Mo O’Grady, and I am the “mojo” behind the “wear”.

I’ve been making cheeky onesies, irreverent tees and one-of-a-kind upcycled skirts and accessories in my home studio since 2003. In some ways, I was born to do this. Even as a child, I was a combination of artist, poet, and entrepreneur and through the years, I figured out a way to piece together my love for words, color, pattern, and ingenuity and shape that love into Mojowear.

I absolutely love the fact that my clothing often brings a smile to someone’s face, along with the added bonus of keeping so much clothing out of the landfills.

These days, you can find Mojowear on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, in the smartest stores and on the bodies of those who have a sense of humor and attitude.

Thanks a million for supporting a small, local business. You’ve made it all possible with your interest and mindfulness.