Picket Fences Sweets

I have been baking all my life and have fond memories of standing in the kitchen with my mom stirring a bowl of chocolate chip cookies. I was that person in your work always bringing in sweets and sharing treats with neighbors. I believe that food comes from the heart and I wanted to share my delicious sweets and treats with everyone. Thus, Picket Fences Sweets was born. All of our treats are made with premium ingredients in small batches. Plus, I am addicted to anything chocolate so you’ll always see that on our menu!  

One of my specialties began after I started the KETO diet in 2019. I began making chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! They satisfy sweet cravings without cheat days! Since then I’ve grown to offer keto, diabetic friendly and gluten sensitive cookies and bars as well as celebration cakes and cupcakes. My other speciality (and LOVE) is hand decorating cookies. Yummy and soft vanilla cookies, not the type you had as a kid that were crunchy and hard. Our cookies are hand decorated for any occasion. Especially great to give and share (Christmas presents?).  

I hope you enjoy eating our treats as much as we enjoy baking them.