Rain Organica

Hi, I’m Brandy, founder of Rain Organica, which offers skincare you can take with you anywhere… including hiking. I’ve been making my own skincare for over a decade, but the inspiration behind Rain Organica came just over a year ago when I was having tea with a friend of mine. As an avid backpacker, she wanted a no rinse facial cleanser for the trail. From that conversation, a business was born.  

At its core, Rain Organica offers a teeny, tiny skincare routine (3 steps) that you can fully customize as you please with mix ins. Because the routine is so condensed, every product is truly multifunctional – a toner with vitamin C to offer protection for your skin as well. A no-rinse cleanser with both vitamin C and licorice root to help soothe and protect skin while you’re outdoors. A lightweight facial lotion that is packed with all your skincare essential ingredients and lightweight so it works with any skin type (or you can choose to make it perfect for your skin type by blending in a drop or two of Rain Organica’s botanical oil blend before you apply).

The real allure of Rain Organica’s products is that they’re meant to be used anywhere you are – allowing you to seamlessly transition from home to the outdoors without giving a second thought to which skincare products you’re packing… the ones you use every day.

Pack Essentials Kit – all your skincare essentials in a muslin pouch. Your sample size of Leave No Trace No Rinse Cleanser and First Light Lightweight Facial Lotion + 2 ounces of Light Mist Toner and 3 reusable (organic cotton/bamboo blend) facial rounds.  $40

Leave No Trace No Rinse Cleanser – A gentle creamy cleanser with dead sea mud to help brighten your skin helps remove dirt, sweat, and grit at the end of a long day. Use as a no rinse cleanser, as your regular cleanser, or as a brightening mask.  $32 for 1.7 ounces

First Light Day & Night Lotion – Vitamin C, resveratrol and peptides help protect your skin from the effects of the sun’s rays while hyaluronic acid and panthenol keeps your skin moisturized. A touch of meadowfoam seed oil and hemp seed oil helps maintain your skin’s natural glow and leaves your skin smooth.  This lotion is perfect for all skin types and fantastic for breakout prone skin (whether oily or dry).  $36 for 1 ounce

Meadowfoam + Fog Rollerball – Meadowfoam + Fog Body Oil packaged in a rollerball to fit right into your pocket so you can treat chapped hands on the ski slopes or trail while keeping your palms slip free. $16 for 0.35 ounce rollerball

Meadowfoam + Fog Body Oil – this botanical oil blend helps keep your legs glowing all winter. Brimming with oils rich in essential fatty acids (think omega-3 and omega-6), Meadowfoam + Fog imparts much needed polyunsaturated fatty acids directly to your skin where they start to repair and restore the moisture barrier and help turn dry, flaky skin into healthy, glowing skin.  While all Rain Organica facial products are fragrance free, the body care products are where you can explore a range of essential oil blends finding escape in a nighttime ritual.  $58 for 4 ounces

Halcyon Bath Soak – after a day on the trail, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a soothing bath. Himalayan pink salt, ground chia seeds, mallow root, and licorice root soothe achy muscles while the fragrance of lavender & chamomile buds calm your mind. $44 for 9 ounces