Spalted Home

Spalted Home is the maker of the mini cactus kit which includes everything you need to plant and care for a REAL mini cactus. The maker behind Spalted Home is Jessica Angel and she has a passionate love for all things itty bitty. She makes all of the tiny ceramic vases for the kits in her home studio. The idea for the kits was born when she was living in Seattle just after the birth of her first child. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband, toddler, and brand new baby girl.

The shop features Mini Cactus Kits, Itty Bitty Cactus Kits, Pins, a little booklet to make your kit experience even more fun, and stickers! Each kit contains rocks, soil, pipette for watering, a handmade ceramic vase, a REAL mini cactus and instructions. I will have my basic kits as well as some limited edition sets which are always a big hit! These have been a favorite gift of craft show shoppers the last few years because they are universally appealing, they are small which makes them a great stocking stuffer and easy to ship, they are unique and are really just so dang cute!