Studio Sweers

Whether I am taking photos while traveling to beautiful corners of the world or simply unearthing little treasures within the city I grew up in, my eyes are constantly scanning my surroundings, taking still frames of the beauty I see. This holiday show, I am sharing these still frames with you! 

I typically love to showcase very specific details, share vibrant color palettes, explore depth in monochrome or attempt to view something ordinary from an unexpected angle, and this year’s photos are no exception. I am returning with a wider array of hanging canvas prints framed with reclaimed wood, as well as matted modern square prints, and a plethora of travel imagery to transport us to the scenery we have been yearning for.

I’m so grateful you’re here, supporting independent artists like myself instead of heading to a big box store for your holiday gifts! 

During A Very Virtual Holiday Show, any proceeds from Armenian print purchases, will be donated to Kooyrigs, an organization working to support humanitarian and emergency relief efforts for those affected by ongoing war in the region.